New Site!!

Well, it's been maybe 10 years since I redid my website, I guess every decade you have to revisit.  This big advantage this time is the software for designing the site.  The online tools are so good now, you really don't have to know what your doing, which is a good thing as I know almost NOTHING about web design!  


The purpose of this site is to share my work.  I've been very fortunate to work in theatrical advertising, visual effects and computer animation industries for the past 17 years.  This has resulted in a lot of work and I'm glad I can share it!  So often in this business, you slave over a design for hours/ days.  It gets shown once to a client and then discarded to disappear into some folder on your hard drive.  Collating this work to post up has been a worth while effort in and of itself for me.  I hope you enjoy it.





ps.  You will see another entirely different part of the site, the Shorts Section.  I am avidly pursuing film making and will my progress as it's made!